[PRNewswire] World's First Acoustic Transparent Cinema LED Screen Is Launched

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in Xinjiekou International Cinema (PRNewsfoto/Unilumin Group., Ltd.)

[PRNewswire] World's First Acoustic Transparent Cinema LED Screen Is Launched

-- Unilumin leads the trend of commercial application of film technology by

NANJING, China June 28, 2024 /PRNewswire=연합뉴스/ -- On June 26th, the unveiling ceremony of the world's first acoustic transparent Cinema LED screen was held at the Xinjiekou International Cinema in Nanjing Deji Plaza, China. The launch of this LED movie screen signifies that the cinema has upgraded the traditional IMAX screen to Unilumin's UCine LED film projection system. Concurrently, a preview of the film "The Royal Cat" was held, inviting citizens to experience the new immersive audio-visual experience of "sound and picture resonance" on-site.

It is understood that this acoustic transparent screen was created by the industry leader Unilumin and is the world's first of its kind that has passed the DCI certification. It is 20.48 meters wide and 10.8 meters high, supporting 4K96 high frame rate, and has a peak brightness of 300 nits. The ultimate contrast performance can restore the true movie picture, making the picture of the high frame rate movie projection clearer, smoother, and more stable.

The cinema screen has passed the TUV low blue light certification, reducing harmful blue light and protecting the eyes. Its unique module perforation design, with the main sound channel speakers placed behind, achieves the sound cavity through the structure of the LED box, and achieves the ideal sound effect of the cinema hall while achieving acoustic transparent sound. The LED movie screen does not require special projection room and other facilities, saving a lot of space for the cinema and increasing the visual space requirements of the audience.

With the increasing demand of the audience for high-end audio-visual experience, the LED movie screen market will further develop. The upgrade of the traditional IMAX screen to Unilumin's UCine LED film projection system at Xinjiekou International Cinema also indicates the industry's high recognition and optimism for Unilumin LED film projection systems.

It is understood that Unilumin Group is the first Chinese company to obtain international DCI certification. It has LED movie screens of different sizes such as 5-20m and 6 DCI certifications. Except for Xinjiekou International Cinema in Nanjing, it has also successfully created projects such as the Regency Theater in Los Angeles and San Ya cinema in Hainan province of China, and has become a leader in the innovation and commercial application of LED movie screen technology.

For more information, visit: https://www.unilumin.com/

Source: Unilumin Group., Ltd.

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